Miss Houston Venezuela

Date and Time:

Friday , Oct 6 , 2017

Puerta abre: 7:00pm

Show Inicia: 8:00 pm



10505 Cash Rd, Stafford, TX 77477 


       We are very proud to invite you to our third beauty pageant Miss Houston Venezuela 2017. The objective of this event comes from the need of the Venezuelan community living in the city of Houston Texas, to expand and preserve their culture in the exterior as well as establish relationships with other countries by portraying the beauties and future of Venezuelans in the exterior or descendants of Venezuelans; This while giving back to the community and enriching this city trough social and cultural events in which the winner of the pageant will participate on. We are trying to do this by developing the Venezuelan culture in the youth of this beautiful country called Venezuela and its descendants in the United States.

This is certainly a wonderful opportunity it gives participants an experience where the beauty and intelligent of Venezuelan women is highlighted.

This project fostered a union of citizens and the participation of all the Venezuelan community. It also helps establish friendship between the participants and Venezuelan citizens living in the United States. I would be grateful if you helped in sponsorship our company to realize our third event. Therefore, we are writing you with regards to an exciting opportunity to be a part of our Miss Houston Venezuela 2017.

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