Services Provided by Click Event

Click Event is a company dedicated 100% to ticketing from start to finish, we offer the promoter the best user experience as well as our customers, we are to serve you 

With Click Event the promoter will get:

• Personalized link for your event.

We will create a dedicated link for your event which can be used for social media advertising

• Reports in real time.

Every time a ticket is sold the promoter will receive an email with the information of the sale, in the same way you can access the report of your event in real time from your mobile device or from a PC.

• E-Ticket with anti-fraud QR code.

At the end of the purchase, our system will send the customer an email with the event tickets, these tickets have a QR code that will be used to control the entrance on the day of the event, making it impossible to duplicate the ticket

• App for iPhone or Android to control entry to the Event.

On the day of the event, the door control staff will have an App to read customer tickets and give them access. This system is connected in real time to the Click Event database, this preventing each ticket being used more than once

• Cash advances before the event based on tickets sold.

Many times the Promoter needs a cash advance this is possible as long as the terms for this purpose are accepted, only amounts below the ticket sales can be advanced and from that moment the promoter is responsible for covering the returns in case of cancellation of the event for any reason see "Cash Advance" tab within the "Solutions" tab

• Ability to sell by chair, table or general admission,

We assemble the Seating chart of the venue on our platform

We can sell by chair, by table or by area as the promoter requests.

• Clients will be able to buy from their Smart phone, with the confidence of Stripe.

More than 82% of event ticket sales are made through cell phones, which is why our platform is designed for smart phones, what we call Mobile friendly.

• We publish on our Social Networks, we do Mailyng to our customer database. 

We have a database that grows and grows every day, that is why we allow ourselves to send the information of our events via email to our entire database, in addition to this we publish on our social networks all events as added value when using our system remember that we are not an advertising company (contact us for prices)

• Payment of Sponsorship through Click Event.

We give the option of easy payment to your sponsors through our website with a unique and hidden link to search engines, fully personalized (10% service fee)

How many times has the sponsor told you to come get the check tomorrow ... how about your sponsor can pay from hes mobile divice?


• Database of the event

The promoter has access to the list of customers who have purchased tickets for their events through their access to click event

• Click Event Service Fee

This will be charged to the buyer every time he makes a purchase, the service fee is well identified and the buyer assumes it as the cost of processing his purchase.

How do we start?

In the "Create Event" tab ( Once the event promoter completes the form in the "Create Event" tab, we will review your publication and create the local map (venue) previous agreement with the promoter we will add the tickets for sale according to the indicated price, we will create an exclusive page for the event and we will publish in less than 12 hours the event will be live on our website

Problems to buy Contact us: